Wednesday, October 31, 2012

October statistics: 1000+ shoppers discovered Big Integer Calculator; 28% installed the app!

So how is Big Integer Calculator doing in Windows 8 store? Well, here is the end-of-month statistics. Looks encouraging: after just 25 days, over a thousand people discovered the app by viewing its description in store. And 28% of those users installed the app − that's about 12 installations daily! (Note that Windows 8 itself was just released on October 26; before that, statistics mostly reflect evaluation OS versions. Therefore, in the months to follow we can expect even more daily views and installations because the Windows 8 installed base will grow significantly.) The charts below illustrate the statistics.

(Captured from the Windows 8 Store Dev Center dashboard.)


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  2. I down loaded but not useful for my research in decimal remainders
    of big integer division. Other wise a nice app.


  3. Can you include Log and root function? I am trying to calculate log2 of 15052 digits long decimal number.

    Dr. Bharat Rawal

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  5. Great calculator for cryptography tasks. It would be nice with either a "mobile webpage", or an app for android/ios.