Wednesday, October 31, 2012

October statistics: 1000+ shoppers discovered Big Integer Calculator; 28% installed the app!

So how is Big Integer Calculator doing in Windows 8 store? Well, here is the end-of-month statistics. Looks encouraging: after just 25 days, over a thousand people discovered the app by viewing its description in store. And 28% of those users installed the app − that's about 12 installations daily! (Note that Windows 8 itself was just released on October 26; before that, statistics mostly reflect evaluation OS versions. Therefore, in the months to follow we can expect even more daily views and installations because the Windows 8 installed base will grow significantly.) The charts below illustrate the statistics.

(Captured from the Windows 8 Store Dev Center dashboard.)

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Big Integer Calculator Release 2 available!

Big Integer Calculator Release 2 (2012-10-12) is functionally similar to the original release, except for one bug fix in primality testing. Please comment on this post with your suggestions and feature requests for this mid-October 2012 release. Your reviews and ratings in Windows 8 Store are also very welcome. Many thanks!

Hello World!

This is a place for reviews, comments, and feature requests for Big Integer Calculator, which is available online at as well as in Windows 8 Store. Here are the links:

Please try either version (or both) and let us know what you think! The Windows 8 app users are also welcome to post reviews, ratings, etc. from within the Big Integer Calculator app directly - that way your suggestions will be more visible to other Windows 8 users. Many thanks for stopping by!