Monday, December 12, 2016

Discontinuing the Windows App Store version of Big Integer Calculator

As of December 2016, the support for (free) Windows App Store version of Big Integer Calculator is discontinued. Please use the Web version at

Thank you for using the calculator and for your feedback!

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

October statistics: 1000+ shoppers discovered Big Integer Calculator; 28% installed the app!

So how is Big Integer Calculator doing in Windows 8 store? Well, here is the end-of-month statistics. Looks encouraging: after just 25 days, over a thousand people discovered the app by viewing its description in store. And 28% of those users installed the app − that's about 12 installations daily! (Note that Windows 8 itself was just released on October 26; before that, statistics mostly reflect evaluation OS versions. Therefore, in the months to follow we can expect even more daily views and installations because the Windows 8 installed base will grow significantly.) The charts below illustrate the statistics.

(Captured from the Windows 8 Store Dev Center dashboard.)

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Big Integer Calculator Release 2 available!

Big Integer Calculator Release 2 (2012-10-12) is functionally similar to the original release, except for one bug fix in primality testing. Please comment on this post with your suggestions and feature requests for this mid-October 2012 release. Your reviews and ratings in Windows 8 Store are also very welcome. Many thanks!

Hello World!

This is a place for reviews, comments, and feature requests for Big Integer Calculator, which is available online at as well as in Windows 8 Store. Here are the links:

Please try either version (or both) and let us know what you think! The Windows 8 app users are also welcome to post reviews, ratings, etc. from within the Big Integer Calculator app directly - that way your suggestions will be more visible to other Windows 8 users. Many thanks for stopping by!